Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ahh, lovely Science

So Clayton and I did a lot in Science, like this:

The Book of Kutchi

Chapter One

1. And behold Fattima died.
2. Ye there was much rejoicing in the land with the; Llamas, and the Gorillas, and the great Ducks, and the fuzzy peaches, and the platypuses, and the frozen bubbles, and the wind, and the mammoths.
3. And lo, the Great Sham was done, and the place which was called SHAT was to be burned by fire falling from the heavens.
4. And thus the dwarves and all small people were thrust down through the ground to burn in the flames of HEAT.
5. And they burned. And the great Llama summoned upon their beaten souls and whilst they burned, yea, they were also saved.
6. Yea, the great Llama spoke unto them, saying "Yea! I have not seen thy greatness as ye are so short, and stubby. But if ye drinketh of this blended shoe, ye shall be whole, and tall, yea ye shall even keep thine long beards. Yet ye shall no longer be known as dwarves, but as Gnomes. And peace be with the forces of thine buttocks.
7. Yea the smoldering smalls climbed out of the ground, and the Great Llama held before them the blended shoe and they did drink of it.
8. Yea and their feet grew even did their bodies, yet their beards were too small. Yea behold even did the blended shoe work, and the dwarves were now called Gnomes.
9. And the forces of their buttocks were peaceful.
10. Yet behold they were enraged, for they now had only small beards and they sought out the Great Llama, for they wanted to eat his internal organs.
11.Yet the enraged Gnomes could not findeth the Great Llama, as he had run away with the Mighty Unicorns and Lord Pip the chipmunk ran with them.
12. Lo and Behold the Gnomes shrugged and skipped along their merry way to find great food and riches. Amen.

Chapter two

1. And the Great Llama took the bread from the tree and behold as he was about to bite into the succulent food, it fell, and the deer pranced over the sacred bread leaving it with holes and as Great Llama picked it up a horde of bees came and with their honey and they sweetened the bread. And the Great Llama looked down upon it and said "I shall call ye Waffle."
2. Behold as Gnomes skipped along their merry way, Lord Pip the chipmunk let out a long peaceful force from his buttocks, in which killed the colorful butterflies, thus creating the moth.
3. And as the moths flew, so did the wind rush around them and five of them returned to butterflies, and were to be call the Five Makers of the butterfly race and they are to create the newest of the butterflies.
3.Then Lord Pip’s brother, Chip then let out a powerful force that was not so peaceful, yea he even did fly unto the sky and did spring wings, and thus the flying squirrel was born.
4. Thus ending the pants' light

And this:

Oh we did not come up with 2 of them our friends did, they are number 3 and 23.

1. Alfamuhrize- to put colors in order (al-fuh-muh-ryize)
2. Chei- The (chi)
3. Eekayashling- the number… (eek-a-yash-ling)
4. Frumchwa- beverage (fruhm-chwa)
5. Fubiwaska- All aminals (Fub-ee-wah-skah)
6. Happanish- Famous (hap-an-ish)
7. Hatby- Away (hot-bye)
8. Hihmuchwahoon- Woodpecker (hi-much-wah-hoon)
9. Horky- To Eat (hor-kee)
10. Joppy- Movie/DVD (Jop-ee)
11. Jorhokbadon- My Name is… (jor-hock-buh-dawn)
12. Lavadter- Evil (Lava-dher)
13. Litchwing- food (Lit-chwing)
14. Mai- I (my)
15. Mingchoi- Curse (meeng-choy)
16. Moanichacha- boring/dull (moan-ee-cha-cha)
17. Naitcha- Run (nyt-cha)
18. Nibibleak- a good time (nib-ee-bleek)
19. Nopt- Yes (nawpt)
20. Panquak-Friends (pan-quack)
21. Qwofa- amazing/fun (Kwah-fah)
22. Samphort- Family (Sam-port)
23. Sardou- slut (sair-do)
24. Squahishbish- Teacher (squah-hish-bish)
25. Squakyish- To Squeak (sqwak-ee-ish)or(sqwak-ish
26. Storacowawafus- school (store-a-cow-a-wa-fus)
27. Thorquad- exciting/funny/weird (thor-kwahd)
28. Toomra- From (tomb-rah)
29. Ventico- sibling/bother/sister (vent-ee-co)
30. Wafoo- Magic (Wah-foo)
31. Wharpus- Vacation (War-pus)
32. Woobychoo- Hate (woo-be-chew)
33. Yabishtube- Computer (yah-bish-toob)
34. Yept- No (yep-t)
35. Yoor-You (yoo-r)
36. Zanfire- We/us (zane-fire)
37. Zembrable- fool/jerkface (Zem-bruh-bul)

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very creative Josie!

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You have way too much time on your hands....

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