Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And another odd situation....these seem to be very common

So, today during Etime, I went with Clayton to take a test in science. But he didn't need to take it, so we decided to just sit and talk. This kid was in the class because he couldn't go to another class for remediation. So he asked if we would talk with him. We didn't really want to, because we had spoken to him before, and he seemed a little too weird. He still is.... We talked for two seconds about how he just moved here and needs to make more friends. Since he decided we were going to be his "friends" he said " You guys deserve to know...Do you guys believe in Vampires? Cause I'm Half." I almost burst out laughing as soon as he said that, Clayton too. He proceeded to tell us that he was 128 years old, he saw the first atomic bomb go off, because it was really bright, and as you all know, Vampires are affected by the light. All so he can read minds, and he doesn't need to smell (okay, thats kinda weird by itself) because he can see peoples emotions, and how he shape shifts, but it takes 10 snack packs, which are apparently blood. Oh and AB- is his favourite type of blood. its like Champagne compared to water, i don't know how he would know that but... when he is hungry his eyes dilate, he could also prove this to us, and asked if there was anyone we wanted him to take care of, and he would bit them right there. he also showed us his human strength, but not his "Vampire" strength, and a whole bunch of other stuff that i can't remember. Clayton and I could not keep a straight face. He also told us that we could not tell anyone about him, with out his permission, and if we did he would have to hunt us down and turn us over to the council...HA! We told our friends as soon as he left, which was kinda mean, but, it was so funny!!!


Blogger Aquaspce said...

some people are so weird!

6:33 AM  
Blogger Kelline said...

Sounds like this kid is in real need of friendship...........

4:13 AM  

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