Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yet another odd situation

So this one did not happen today, it happened a little while ago.
So I was at my ward party. I was kind of bored, because no one was really doing anything. Then all the coolish guys in the ward started playing Frisbee. So I joined in. No one would pass to me, which kinda bothered me, but it didn't really matter. I paused to take a breather. I looked at everyone playing. Then I looked out to where people where; watching, eating, talking,etc. I ran up to my brother, David, and asked "I am the only girl playing?" Dave replied "Ya, but that's why all the guys like you." I didn't belive him (although I may start soon...) So I said "Ya Right." and I ran off to go get the Frisbee.
David later told me that after I ran off, the cutest guy in the ward said "Ya, that, and she's hot."
Totally blew my mind!

And another
My friends are convinced that a good boy friend, likes me. I don't know if i belive them, i mean come on, he only yells across the room to tell me hi, and asks me to sit by him, and comes over and sits by me, but, he might like me, might not, to tell you the truth, i don't really care. But I told someone in my ward, because she knows him. Anyway she said "Josie, he doesn't like you, he just flirts with everyone." Oh i forgot to mention, she likes him. Anyway, I don't really care if he likes me. Its just kinda funny.


Blogger Aquaspce said...

FIRST of all, girls are dumb
Second of all... that being said, I guess you fall under that catagorey
You're pretty
Don't be like me and pretend you're not... I didn't date until Grade 12 because I didn't want to, it was my only option.
PS only GROUP dates for you!
(Unless mom says otherwise.)

Love you.

Take it from me
A.) Never take advice from a girl regarding a hot guy
B.) if boys like you at this age, they'll either play sports with you, or talk to you.
So Josie.
You're hot.
Get used to it

2:32 PM  
Blogger Kelline said...

Josie you are beautiful. I was a tom boy too. I had a hard knowing if a guy liked me. I think that is why a lot of guys did like me.

Just have fun in school, save the dating for later!

7:51 AM  

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