Sunday, November 29, 2009

What am I talking about?

Last night I said something that didn't make sense. And I wanted to remember it, so I texted it to my friend. This is what happened.

Josie: In Buddy they get a new Gorilla and he wont leave her forever…

Laura: Dude! I know!

Josie: Ya, it was intensive. I cried.

Laura: I bought all 6 novels

Josie: Really? I’m still saving up. 285 dollars is a little pricey for meh. But so worth it. And the part where the fruit loops ‘gay cheerios” come and have thanksgiving with the Gorilla, it was awaying.

Laura: 285 is nothing compared to what your getting. It’s so worth it. And the stories are so thrilling I usually wet the bed.

Josie: I know! I usually end up spilling my coconuts all over. But it’s still worth is.

Laura: Whoa. Chill with the coconuts already.

Josie: Okay, I guess that was too personal. (Awkward pause) um, so did you read the other book….

Laura: Oy with the poodles already! I just finished it Sunday.

Josie: I know. And the lampshades. What was your favourite part?

Laura: The part where the cheese is on broadway.

Josie: That was an amazing part. But I liked when the abacu Zombie was corrupting the popsicle lovers with the basket weaver.

Laura: It was so symbolic. Dude. My two favorite things. Zombies and baskets. No pun intended. But I gota say, my ultimate favorite was when the owl and the American flag got married.

Josie: I know. And where the sunling cupboards finally have an oven. I almost went rigid.

Laura: They’ve wanted one for so long! I cried.

Josie: Wow. I love that book.

Laura: I’m framing it and putting it on my wall.

Josie: I bought 2 each of the books and I keep them in an airtight container under my bed.

Laura: I’m sure the boogie monster appreciates it. He does enjoy reading.
Josie: Oh ya. Sometimes I hear him crying.

Laura: He probably spills his coconuts too.

Josie: All the time. And he leaves other childrens’ remains under my bed.

Laura: Gross. He should get a maid.

Josie: That’s me. He pays me 8 twinkies a feather.

Laura: Dude! That’s an amazing deal. Stick with it.

Josie: oh I will. And he lets me keep all the loose change and children. And then I sell them.

Laura: ooh! Good plan. White slavery is a good business opportunity

I still don't really know what we were talking about. But It was entertaining.


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