Saturday, September 16, 2006

My trip to India!!!

I went to India on the 19th of May and came back on the 22nd of June. One of my favorite things was that Auntie Sara took me to a Bollywood film.It was called Faana,it wasn't the best movie because they kissed and more :O,i was appalled!! But I was grateful I could see it. Helaman and I went shopping a lot. I wanted to go shopping a lot more, but anyway everytime we went shopping I always made them go into the music store,they would look at the USA stuff and I would go straight to the modern Hindi stuff. I wanted to buy a movie but i didn't. I wanted to watch Hindi stuff on TV, but others wanted to watch Disney channel. I didn't mind,but still I wish I could have watched more Indian TV shows. I did get to watch one half of a movie called Khakee. It's about the army. It has Aishwarya Rai, Amitabh Bachan, Ashkay Kummer,and Ajay Devgan. It was sooooo cool!(now if only i could watch with subtitles :)

Taj MahalI acually took this picture!! Can you believe it?

Tigers This is India's national animal.(don't worry,they wern't roming around. We were in a bus with no windows)

Elephants Us riding elephants

Lions Lions

Snake Charmer I Took this picture too.Ammon wouldn't sit
next to him.So I did. It was so cool! Under
the basket where the snake is there's another snake.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Play And Volleyball

Well, Today i tried out for a play at my school called, Crazy for you. It's a musical. I SUCKED AT THE SINGING PART!!! I sang Popular from wicked. The Coldplay Part wasn't that bad. Dancing tryouts are on Friday, so i hope i make it


Monday, September 11, 2006

My Blog

I had To Make A Blog because all my sisters had to make a blog. Can you guys teach me how to make it look cool. thanks :)



I can't believe I'm in junior High!!!
School is GREAT! On A days I have : French 1,Drama 1,Health,And Last English. On B days I have: Orchestra, TLC,Pre-Algebra :( ,and Utah History. I've made 10 new favorite subject is French 1. After School I go to My Hindi Class at Byu. I can count to 20, and say 26.