Thursday, November 02, 2006

I was in a movie!!!!!

Today I was in a movie called, Taking 5 . IT WAS SOOOO FUN!!!!! It was five hours long, 3-8.The main people are, Daniella Monet,Christy Carlson Romano,and Alona Tal. There was also a band called Click 5, and the main singer waved at me!! Then we had some food, when we were walking back the 3 actresses were walking by,and I was like WOW!! Amanda didn't notice,and her mom was like,"i can't believe they didn't ask for their autographs!" It was the funniest thing that happened. I got 7 autographs, it was embarrassing asking though were having more food at the end there was a raffle. I won an Ipod shuffle!!!! Now I can load it with Bollywood music :).

We did a 5-10 min scene the whole time. The scene had the high school president talking about how ugly our school is, or something like that, and one of the main girls come in with the band 5 Leo Rise (Click five) and motions the other main girl to come with her, The crowd starts cheering when they get up the stage, the main band member grabs the microphone from her hands and says, "well that's enough drama for one day.(pause)Are you guys ready to ROCK!!!) they start playing a song, for a little while we sat in our seats cheering and screaming and a whole lot of other stuff,then we rushed the stage(ran up like mad men screaming bloody murder) we jumped up and down a lot. Then the song ended and the Devon and Gabby (the two main girls)go and hug the two main band members. Then some FBI people came in and said " Devon (what ever her last name was) you are under arrest for kidnapping 5 Leo Rise" Then her parents and older sister come on, the dad says "Hey take your hands of our daughter" then the other main girl(Gabby) says " Well then I'm under arrest too" and she clamps the handcuffs on her arm, they smile at each other and grab hands," then the main band manger says " there was no kidnapping right Ethan" "ya, I hardly ever know what's going on with this band, but I can ensure you there was no kidnapping". The manager of the band comes on and says " How many times do I have to tell you guys, there was no kidnapping". The girls hold up their arms and the FBI agent says " cut them loose" and we all cheer because they became the heros of the school.

One cool thing is that Devon and Gabby are supposed to be like 14-15, and Danielle (Christy Carlson Romano) is supposed to be like 17-19, their real ages are Daniella (Gabby)is 16 (she looks 14), Christy is 21(she looks her charaters age), And Alona is 23,but she looks 15 is really funny

I'll get some pictures of me with some of the actresses and actors soon.