Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pickles, Marshmallows , and capri suns

At mutual we did something pretty cool! We made Capri-Sun purses. Here are some pictures

Yep so there it is, sorry they are blurry. The ones we did are 3x2 and on the bottom we cut them so to match the size of the three bags. Also, to clean them out you cut the bottom; wash it out; dry them; then roll them out with a rolling pin, or you can iron them, just be sure not to melt them. Because let's face it, that would really suck. I'm almost positive you can find more about it on the internet, but I haven't looked.

So this was a while ago, but a friend and I made s'mores once at 1ish in the morning... on a light bulb. We also roasted pickles, they are actually really good. Cooking the marshmallows took 4 hours, not even kidding! We got tired of holding one marshmallow because we didn't just want one. So we tapped them to the lights, oh they were florescent lights too.
And just in case you were worried, we didn't eat s'mores with pickles, we had s'mores and pickles