Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have been tagged....

Well Abra tagged me. i get to post 7 quirky things about me

(oh, this isn't going to be very long. Not because I'm not weird. I am plenty weird. I just can't seem to make them long.)

1. When I write things I always rotate my pencil. After every word I rotate it 90 degrees.

2. Kinda like Abra, I have to have my feet sticking out of the covers. I hate it when my feet are in them. If they are cold, I put them in the blankets, but i stay awake until they are a little warmer, then I stick them back out.

3. I really only like to read when I eat. So i guess I'm a fast reader because I have this book I got on Wednesday, it has 307 pages, and I'm on page 216. But I really do like reading I just like to do it when I eat.

4. I get obsessed with movies or TV shows. For the past 4 years I have been obsessed with; Bollywood (Indian Film Industry), Bridge to Terabithia (Movie), Heroes (TV), Hancock (movie), and right now it's Chuck (TV). I really do go kinda over the top. I have been trying to tone it down, because Patrick gets really mad now if i mention Chuck. So now I am trying to buy Chuck so i don't have to ask Patrick if I can borrow it. I still need to buy Hancock and the 2 season of heroes. But I currently own 17 Bollywood movie, Bridge to Terabithia, and the first season of Heroes.

5. ooh! I just noticed something when I was writing this. I don't like to see what I wrote before I write the next thing on a list. I scroll down to where I can see half of the last words I wrote.

6. I text in full sentences, no slang, and mostly correct punctuation.

7. I love using (heeheehee) and ...'s when I write stories.

And I won't really tag anyone because... I just won't