Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Transformers and whatever else I can think of.

So last night I went to Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, will Marisa, and her mom and dad.

It was pretty good. Not really one of my favourites, but I would see it again. The action was amazing, but there was too much sexuality for me. Um... yes.

Darn... I have nothing to write about today. Sorry.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My coolish pictures

These are pictures that I personally have taken. I think they are kinda good. But you can be the judge.

I'm back!

I figure, I should really be able to put up a blog post everyday, but since I'm lazy, I'll do one as often as my laziness permits it.

Okay, so, last night, my friends and I made masks. It was really fun. I was first, because i was willing to be the experiment, it took almost 2 hours, bu we couldn't cover my mouth, because i have a cold, so I can only breathe out of my mouth. So, we took mine off, went to Lydia's house, and started on Liz. While Lydia was working on Liz, I made a mouth. All I really did was cover up the hole, so, there isn't any mouth. It kinda reminds me of Deadpool. I would take pictures, but, I'm to lazy. I'll put some up soon!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I really should blog more

And I really should. I just find it to be a hassle to login, yet, I so effortlessly login to facebook numerous times a day. Why do I find it so hard, I don't really know. Maybe it's the fact that most of the time only my family read it, which is great. But sometimes it's nice to know that other people read this boring blog.

Now, for the real stuff.

School got out on 28th of May! Finally, freedom. But to do what? No plans, no requirements, just utter freedom. I love the first week of summer, you can sleep in, do whatever you want. Its pretty awesome. Then it gets to be a drag.

I went to a stake center to do some service last last Wednesday with Danika, Elicea, Lydia, and Sis. Poulsen. That happened to be the week that everyone there got free crocs. So all of us went back last Wednesday. We learned how to make Bead geckos, alligators, and bees, so we could teach the rest of the kids up at Youth conference. Which went well, so its all good.

I'm going to post more tomorrow, because, i want to go hang out with my friends.