Wednesday, February 13, 2008


In Drama we have been talking about facial and body expressions, Our homework was really hard.... No Talking for 24 hours, talk about brutal. Oh wait, think about brutal. Drama is my 3rd class, so I went to my next class not talking. I showed my friend the note, she said "Wow, its it hard?" and immediately i said "Ya, opps, dang it, ahhh, i'm gonna stop talking now."

So i am pretty sure I didn't get 24 hours, but I am pretty close.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Long time, no blog

Well, i haven't blogged in a long time so i guess its a good time to start up again.

I have been fairly busy, around September(I think) I was in another movie called Turn Around. I am in the trailer, around the end in Pink and blue. I am seen quite a bit, like playing sports and just walking around.

Next I am a lead in a ward play. Our stake is doing a road show, alot of people are doing a spoof of the Wizard of Oz, called the Wizard of Shaw. President Shaw is our stake president. So I am Dorthy how is called Dotty. I'm kinda excited, but I have really bad stage fright and we are just starting practice. which is fine, but the play is in a month I would have like to get it so I feel completely comfortable doing it... oh well.

In November we went up to Canada for Deklan's baptism. It was really fun, and I was sad to leave. But excited to get home before the freezing cold came, not that it isn't cold here, at least it's not -45C. I am very happy about that. On the last day we all went kinda crazy here are a few pictures:

doesn't it look like I am kicking myself?
I am eating a cookie

David, the Irish Ninja
Don't mess with the Ninjas
Here is Abbi
Yep, Patrick was there too, they did the belt headed people, but I wasn't there. It was very fun!

Over the summer i went to Australia, It was pretty much amazing! I made friends so easily. And they are all So Awesome! here are so pictures:

Well, I'll write a long story about it soon, I need to get ready for today.